I run a taxi service for the disabled and elderly near my high school.

I deliver an elderly couple to their nearby home and help them inside with their luggage. The man discusses his heart surgery.

A strange “creature” is perched on the window sill. Similar in size and shape to a kitchen sponge, only having the appearance and flexibility of a slice of jelly. No other features. I am aware that it is the product of the death of a tarantula, a kind of metamorphosis.

The creature leaps off the sill and onto the man’s bare back. He and his wife are familiar with the creature, and explain that it causes or exacerbates diseases such as cancer.

The creature jumps away, and then onto the woman’s arm. She is in a panic. I am surprised that she doesn’t simply brush it off, but it becomes apparent that it doesn’t work that way – the creature will only let go of its own accord.

December, 2018