I am driving at night along Dandenong Road in Melbourne’s south east, on my way to meet an Asian woman, an online date. I arrive at the address, number 750, to find a commercial building. An Asian man is being escorted from the front door by a glamorously dressed Asian woman. This is apparently a brothel. Fearing I have been lured into something untoward, I keep driving.

The physical environment now undergoes some unusual shifts. The material world becomes somewhat translucent. The road and the buildings become more fluid. It feels as if I’m inside a computer game. My car, too, becomes less tangible, as if I’m almost floating through space unassisted. My surroundings begin to glow and flash, both subtle and garish. Many Asian women begin to emerge by the roadside. The scene slowly develops until the nature of this place becomes clear – an Asian prostitution ring has turned an entire suburb into a sex-themed amusement park.

The road narrows ahead. Women flank my way, some young, some matriarchs. They are angry with me, as if they feel I came for their services and am now renegging. They are attempting to banish me from their site, yet simultaneously seem to want to seduce me into staying. I sense danger, that they might be just as happy to run me off the road and injure or kill me.

In order to leave, I am required to collect various non-material objects from the grounds. Large nets are strung up in complex arrangements, perhaps 10m high, loose and fluid. I need to avoid running into these as I scoot around collecting these objects.

A group of around ten men emerge, very strong and robust. They have an air of authority, as if they are a police or firefighting force. They are there in support of me. They are embroiled in an argument with the management of this place, over a rug that I am taking with me. There is a dispute over who owns it.

Next I see a large, slick grey big cat lying on a patch of ground, perhaps on this rug. I crouch fearfully very close in front of it. The men encourage me, explaining that it has been trained not to hurt me, that I need only to be bold and show it what I want. I tentatively adopt such an affect and the experience softens and the cat allows me to retrieve the rug from under it. I pat its head. The men offer affirming comments.

I am by now fully lucid. And at this point the dream shifts into very dramatic territory.

I lie on my stomach. A rotund female figure appears. She is not there physically, but I can see her and sense her presence. She has a supernatural aura about her, extending far out into the space above my head. There is an unambiguous sense that she is some kind of oracle. A guide.

My consciousness is entering a complex non-ordinary state. The typical sensations of acceleration within the body, stirring movement, vibration, rumbling noises.

The guide shows me a black and white globe of the world. She points out Jordan, the country, and tells me it is empty. Despite this being my own name, I take her to be discussing the country. I am confused why she would refer to the country if she simply means me. She moves on to make mention of Budapest and Germany, too, but the details now elude me.

Soon after this, the guide starts to work with my body. She says something to the effect that I need to trust some kind of mysterious element. She elevates me to a 45 degree angle, my toes touching the ground/bed and my head pointing upwards. The non-ordinary sensations become stronger and stronger. My body increases dramatically in size, so that I am now millions of kilometres long, my feet down on earth and my body extending far out into space. The setting is black, like space. My body is a translucent energetic mesh.

Now an energy starts to pass through my body, apparently directed by the guide. It begins at the top of my head, progressing eventually to my feet. My body is quite limp and seems to be divided into 7-10 horizontal sections. The first extends from the top of my head to about my chin. The energy moves downwards from the top of my head, a combination of complex vibrations and hummings noises, tightening and strengthening my body as it goes. As it reaches my chin and the join with the next section, there is a clicking sound and the top section snaps into a state of solidness. This process proceeds through each section of the body, until my entire body has been fully “reinforced”.

The overall sensation of this experience was immensely positive. The guide seemed to be conducting a healing process on me. As she did so, she offered me gentle reminders to go with the process. Interestingly, at a certain moment there was a very clear sense that she was a little surprised how well this was working, as if she had been unsure if I was quite ready to be receptive to this.

Recall of this dream was not quite as detailed as some previous big dreams, but the deeply non-ordinary and transcendent felt sensations definitely place it amongst my all time most powerful dreams. The very literal spiritual material of this dream is also interesting and quite uncommon – the presence of a spirit guide, the statement about being empty, the similarity between my body “sections” and the notion of chakras. The earlier content, too, is full of symbolism – angry, capricious women; strong, supportive men; a wild yet submissive animal.