• abyss

    “Abyss!”They cryWith their vibrant voicesFrom their HomesIn their Lives. “Abyss!”They penWith their unchained handsFrom their HomesIn their Lives.

  • win

    Oh how the Sun Will set to a timeless night The day we win.

  • love

    so many words raised up on high love sees them too

  • anchor

    this anchorsewn from clear ocean(for what else is there?)is a devil wave a tether to a formtoo primitive it shackles the gracious waves at the surface makes devils of them, too they hoist upand toss downbut none may take me with themonwards and even the boldest wavewill not carry one back

  • untitled.

    One more imagined wastelandA soft white blanket of snowOver slick new asphalt.

  • Belief

    The world shimmers, strange texturescalled Belief. They bloom in the untouchable depth of oceans,disperse through the flowing rivers,the stagnant pools of blood. We are there now,even as we scratch at dry earth,even as we scream out for darkness,we are the wild play of light. Based on experiences in Peru, 2015.

  • Melt

    May we melt into the EarthLike the ebbing flamesOf a fire ragingToo long now.

  • earth and leaf

    Earth.And tree above –branch, branch, branch, branch…smaller and smaller –Leaf. Leaf.And tree above –limb, limb, limb, limb…larger and larger –Earth. A branch is a limb.A limb is a branch. But Earth is Earth,And Leaf is Leaf,Alone.

  • underneath

    UnderneathIs a pale blue mist. ThereEverything speaks.Everything spins. All extends through allIn a trans-dimensional space. Meaning is movementIs spinIs relationship.Yet each instant reveals the whole. UnderneathIs Big. Very, very, Big. UnderneathHumbles. Your whole world— the Universe at large —Not an atomOf an atomOf an atom.

  • Burn

    Light the purple fireBurn the trembling treeBuild the furnace higherSet the embers free.